Lampson is currently two hundred fifty (skilled) technicians, and two hundred machines strong.  Which means, we’re equipped to skillfully manage high volume orders.

With dedicated attention to detail, finishing and packaging, Lampson Sewing is committed to servicing our current roster of clients, with room for growth.

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We offer in-house management of logistics for garment dye and tie-dye programs, with third-party vendors


We regularly serve as liaison between our clients, screen printers, fabric printers and various other specialty companies; providing technical support to see our clients’ product to fruition


With a 15,000 sq. ft. cutting facility (within our factory) we are able to produce greater yield(s), while growing client revenue

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We’re currently two hundred fifty (skilled) technicians, and two hundred machines strong. Which means, we’re equipped to skillfully manage high volume orders


With a comprehensive finishing department, we offer a wide variety of packaging needs. Product is carefully inspected to meet (not only) our clients’ requirements, but our personal standard for quality


Product is trimmed, pressed, approved and individually packed in accordance to clients’ specifications

Services Offered:

Marker and Pattern Plotting

Marking and grading


Fabric Cutting


Production cutting

Production sewing

Samples and Duplicates

Sample and duplicates cutting

Sample and duplicates sewing

Dyeing logistics, third-party liaison

Screen and Fabric printing logistics, third-party liaison

Pleating logistics, third-party liaison

*Production minimum: 300 units


Smocking logistics, third-party liaison

Embroidery logistics, third-party liaison

Embellishments, third-party liaison

Other logistical services offered (contact us today)

Production Liaison to third-party Specialty Vendors

Quality control and trimming

Steam and press


Packaging and Finishing

Bar code labels

UPC code labels


*Please note: We do not accept cuts under 100

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