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Lampson Sewing, Inc.

John Ward, Owner

Established in 2006, Lampson Sewing started with model of producing high-end knitwear and leather goods exclusively for our private label. We currently manufacture for designer, contemporary and ‘athleisure’ clients with varying product, and sometimes unique corporate structure.

With our seasoned staff and skilled team of sewing technicians, Lampson consistently delivers high-quality goods on time.


We are unique, in that we are adept in managing both woven, and knit programs.


And with a 15,000 sq. ft. cutting facility (within our factory), and comprehensive finishing department, we also offer a wide variety of packaging needs.

Additionally, we manage logistics for clients’ (third-party) garment dye, tie-dye (and embellishment) programs; freeing our clients to dedicate more time to other areas of business. (i.e. brand management, development, sales, marketing).

  With our clients’ trust, Lampson regularly serves as liaison between dye houses, screen printers, pleating, embroidery houses (and various other specialty companies) to see the full spectrum of their product to fruition.


“a solid manufacturing partnership

is key to the success of a Brand”


A true American company, we are committed to cultivating faith in domestic manufacturing by producing and reliably delivering high-quality goods, while making employee safety and happiness a top priority.

Lead by 30 year garment industry veteran and owner (John Ward), Lampson is widely regarded as the premiere L.A. factory for ‘athleisure’ contemporary and designer goods.

Offering expertise in many facets of the garment business, we provide a platform to help our clients thrive.  With solid engineering, and a dedicated staff, Lampson is able to promptly respond to the needs and requirements of our clients.  …a critical factor, in a fast-moving market.

Ward’s penchant for meticulous detail is key to Lampson‘s ability to produce great product, and provide top-notch service.  ‘Service’ delivered by a Team who strongly believe “a solid manufacturing partnership is key to the success of a Brand”.

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